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Greypet is an adoption portal being the largest pet search engine in Europe, created with the idea that every pet is unique and deserves a warm and loving home. We love all animals: small, big, hairy, winged or covered in scales. Their looks, age or race do not matter to us. This is why we facilitate the adoption of pets and support animal welfare organizations.

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How does the charity shop work

Take 3 simple steps to support a shelter of your choice. Are you ready?


Choose something for yourself and for your pet. Add selected products to your cart. Next to each product you will see the amount we donate to a shelter if you buy the product.


Choose a shelter to which you want to donate money. It's your decision!


Every 3 months we transfer the money received from your payments to the foundation of your choice. You get your desired product, and the pets are doing much better!


Read articles written by our volunteers and add your own. You can learn more about adoption, animal rights and nutrition – just search through the articles sorted by topic of interest!

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