Dog adoption

Thinking about adopting a pet?

 We have some tips for you on how to prepare for adopting a dog.

There are several important factors to consider when deciding on a dog. We should certainly pay attention to what we can offer to the pet.

Whether it's indoors or outdoors, your dog needs to live in a suitable environment. Your pet should be protected from heat, cold or rain and snow, and have access to daylight.


 On our portal you can browse the database of pets that are waiting for a new home. It is not true that dogs from adoption centres are not adapted to living in a new place. These animals need to be loved and cared for even more! If you have any doubts, read the article “A dog from a shelter? YES!”


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The dog you are adopting should also undergo a veterinary clearance. The examination and the interview with the veterinarian will provide you with information on the dog's state of health when it was taken to the shelter, what diseases and treatments it had, what treatments it had. You should be provided with the dog's medical record book.


 Acclimating a new pet to your home may take from a few days to a few weeks and you need to be prepared for this. Each dog needs different attention and time to get used to the new situation, but if you are patient, everything will go well and you will be able to enjoy many years together.


You must also remember to prepare a starter kit for your new pet.

You will need wet and dry food and, of course, bowls for water and food. You should also get a tick collar, a leash, straps and a muzzle. It is also useful to have pet toys, a brush, and a dog bed so that the new pet knows it has a safe place in your home.  


On our blog you can read a lot of adoption stories and learn more about the adoption and taming a new furry friend.


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